Yet to be baked: My dream bra

by Ana

This is actually my first bra related blog post. Instead of reviewing what’s available, I decided to write about what my dream bra is. Hopefully it’ll inspire someone to design it! And yes, that longline bra in the picture doesn’t tack, it doesn’t fit. But oh well, plenty more bravangelizing to do!

I don’t own many bras that fit, to be specific I currently only own one that fits right and it’s a white Bravissimo Boudoir Beau Bra in a 30HH. Vee gave me that one as it didn’t fit her and it came pre-tweaked with wires and gore bent to fit, which is awesome :) I usually have trouble with gores not tacking because I need to bend most of them unless the bra doesn’t come with ultra elastic wires like some Freyas do.

The other ones I currently own are a Ewa Michalak S Wisniowka in a 30HH and a Bravissimo Moulin Rose in a 30H out of which I tend to massively quadboob out of.

Over the years of wearing the wrong sizes I have realized so many things that I would love to have in my dream bra, but so far I haven’t come across such an one.

My dream bra is a moulded longline bra with more than 4 hooks that comes in a 30 band and in a HH/J cup with thick straps.

I’ll go through all the reasons why specifically:


Colors, colors, more colors :)

I’m so very sick of unicolor bras in my size and very lame floral prints. Spruce it up, designers!


I think that in G+ sizes, all bras should have more than 3 hooks actually as most of the support should come from the band. I’ve tried a couple of polish bras and I’ve seen some that are actually quite affordable in my size, but because the webshop didn’t show the look of larger sizes I sort of refrained from buying. The other thing that made me sceptic was that it said that these bras have 2 hooks (not mentioning those thin straps!)

Plus I generally like the idea of a set of 4 columns of hooks as Ewa Michalak uses in her collections.


Side panels, wires:

When I speak about side panels, I mean the part of the bra that comes after the wire and the part that attaches to the back hooks.


Most of the side wings i know are way too tiny for bigger cup sizes. Or many bras have a combination of extremely high side wings under the arm but then slope out towards the hooks of the bra. I hate that, it makes me feel very uncomfortable and sort of restricts my arm movement too much.

My perfect combination therefore would be low wires and higher side wings with as less sloping towards the hook as possible.

Wire shape:

I’d definitely vote for very narrow wires. Wires that actually suit me well are Samantha wires or Comexim wires. Even Eva Michalak wires are too wide for me and they stretch out quite a bit with the band. And I need low wires because of a very short upper torso.



I usually prefer padded or moulded styles over sheer or lacy styles. When it comes to the engineering of the cup (the way the seams are designed) I prefer styles like  the padded Comexims or vertical seams as in some of Ewa Michalaks creations. I prefer half cups and plunges.
My perfect gore height ranges from 7cm up to 9cm.


Oh yeah my favorite part. I want insanely wide straps. Not like 1.7 cm wide straps. Naw, I want straps that are 3 or 4 cm wide, flat or ruffled and come in different styles and colors! I want to be able to wear those wide straps in a normal way and a racerback way. All these teeny weeny straps hurt my shoulders, disable my arm movement and I actually think wide straps could actually look quite fancy. There is this german low cost brand Bonprix that actually carries a few bras that have thick straps and they really don’t look too bad.

To prove you my theory there is a photo montage I assembled at the beginning of this blog post. What do you think?

This is a Freya Deco Longline. The straps are Liberty Tana Lawn Cotton Wide Bra Straps by Milu Me. They actually aren’t that wide, but I photoshopped them to look that way.

I can hear my shoulders saying “ aaaah, those straps would really not hurt us sooo much” :D You might wonder tho how one could wear such a bra with strappy tops. Well I generally dislike strappy tops with thin straps anyway.
H&M basic shirts are about the maximum I like to wear when it comes to strappy tops, but even in those my normal bra straps tend to show.

Strap placement:



Get that strap out of my armpit! Ouch! I really wonder why bra manufacturers design bras with straps that are too close to the armpits. I would at least like to be able to choose the strap placement. Many polish manufacturers have detachable straps and I wonder how hard it would be to design the apex of the bra (the part where you attach the strap) in a more rounded way. This means that you could design the bra in a way that it has multiple hooks so you could choose your strap placement based on your own preferences or your bodies anatomy. Wouldn’t that be mega cool? Do you see what I did with the strap placement in the photoshopped picture? I exaggerated the different hooks that would have be placed inside of the cup for detachable straps but it shows quite well where the strap placement would let the strap end up on your shoulder using narrower straps. I would definitely like to hear your thoughts on which of these placements you’d prefer.

I’d be very glad to hear your thoughts about what your dream bra is in the comments here  or on our Fanpage on Facebook.

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