1. Your calculator gave me a weird size I never heard of. Is it broken or stupid?

No, the calculator isn’t broken. Yes, we know that your size may shock you. But remember, size is but a number and it’s important that you wear a bra that fits you and you alone. It’s just a tool to help you what suits your shape best to give you as much support as needed. A common misconception created by media is that there aren’t any cups past D, but alas the bra fitting knowledge and bra size ranges have expanded.

2. How do I know my bra doesn’t fit me?

Well, according to the statistics, there’s 9:1 chance it doesn’t. Most women are wearinga bra with the cups too small and the bands  too large. There are many signs of a bad fit, and we’ll run you through all.

Your band is too large if

  • You can close the band on the tightest set of hooks immediately

  • The band rides up on your back instead of staying parallel to the floor

  • When you lift your arms above your head, your boobs peek out from the bottom of the bra

  • The straps are severely cutting into your shoulders, causing pressure and deep red indentations

  • If it stretches more than 10 cm / 4 inches larger than your comfortably snug underbust measurement

Your band is too tight if

  • The band keeps sliding down, to the more narrow part of your torso

  • The band noticeably constricts your moving or breathing

  • The band causes constant pain while moving or breathing

Your cups are too small if

  • The cups cut into your breast tissue at the top, creating overspill, an indent and the dreaded “quadboob effect”

  • The center panel (also known as the gore) isn’t laying flat against your sternum, and when you push the center between your breasts, the quadboob apears

  • The wires are resting on your breast tissue or poking it on the side, and when you scoop all the tissue inside you get overspill on top

  • The cups cut in your breast tissue on the sides, creating overspill and the dreaded “side boob effect”

  • The breasts are very squished together and create a “uniboob effect”, looking like you have only one boob under clothes

  • When you bend over to reach for something, your breasts fall out of the cups

  • You have to tuck your boobs in every now and then   

The cups are too big if

  • The top of the cup wrinkles

  • You can fit your whole hand in the cup

  • Cup wrinkles and there is a lot of empty space at the bottom and the sides near the wires

The straps are too loose if

  • The straps keep sliding off your shoulders

The straps are too tight

  • If they are causing severe pain and indentations in your shoulders while the band remains parallel to the floor  


3. What are the 6 signs of a well fitting bra?
  • The band is closed on the loosest set of hooks and remains parallel to the floor at all times. You can feel it but it doesn’t constrict your movement or breathing
  • The central panel(gore) is laying flat against the sternum
  • The wires are placed in the inframammary fold (or the boob crease) and  enclose the breasts completely from the side
  • Cups create a smooth line across the top edge and on the side.  There is no overspill or cutting in and the breasts fill the cup completely
  • The straps stay well anchored on the body,  taking no more than 10% of weight in cup sizes up to GG and no more than 20% in H+ cup sizes
  • The breasts look lifted and separated and your whole figure looks younger and thinner
4. How do I know if I put my bra on properly?

It sounds somewhat ridiculous, but a lot of women don’t know how to put on a bra properly. In reality it’s more than closing hooks on the back and putting the straps on your shoulders. We call it the “Scoop & Swoop” method.

  • Put on the bra

  • Pull your wires up so that they are placed directly in your inframammary fold. The wires shouldn’t be more than half a fingers-worth below it and they shouldn’t be above the fold - that means they are resting on breast tissue

  • Keep holding the wires in that position and lean over. Let your breasts fall into the cups. Jiggle them a bit.

  • While in a leaning position, keep the wire in place with one hand. Reach into the cup with your other hand, just under your armpit and scoop all of the tissue from the side forward into the cup. Make sure no breast tissue is left behind or beneath the wires.
    Do so for both breasts.

  • Hold the wires firmly in place and stand up straight.

  • Adjust the straps shorter if necessary to keep the wires in the right place.

  • Check again if there is breast tissue caught under wires and scoop it back in. Make sure to check the central panel (gore, bridge) too - if there is tissue caught under there, scoop away from the gore into the cups.

5. What if one of my boobs is larger than the other?

Always make sure your bra fits the larger breast. It is easier and healthier to pad the other cup with inserts than stuff a boob into a cup that’s too small.

6. Why do I need to use a measuring tape, wouldn’t it be easier to just take a picture of my boobs?

We at Sizem are all about accuracy. Accurate sizing needs accurate measurements. As you can imagine, body tissue and breast tissue is quite squishy and elastic. So any technology taking pictures of your silhouettes will not be able to produce the accurate measurements we need in order to be able to calculate your bra size. We take your standing, laying and bending over measurement in order to do that.

7. I think the calculator suggests band sizes that are too narrow. I prefer a looser band. Why is that?

This calculator sticks to the +0 rule very strictly. The looser band size suggestion uses your sister size in a bigger band size.
A calculator is a mathematical model that can only take your measurements into account, but not the way you feel about tightness. If we did incorporate a squish factor into the algorithm, it would suggest  2 different users with the same measurements a bigger band size, whereas one of the users might feel ok with the tight band and the other would not. We thus advocate on getting an extender if you are ordering your correct sizes for the first time. If you are an advanced user and already know your bra sizes and you have tried the narrower bands which you disliked, we suggest you go with a bigger band size. Remember, we suggest you a starting size but we want you to be as comfortable as possible with the choice you make.
With the Sizem launch in its entirety, you will be able to adjust your measurement according to your liking and thus influence the search engine.